Documents Compass consults with editors of new projects to define scope, document collection strategies, editorial methods, and publication outcomes. We work with editors of print editions to make the transition to electronic publication. The choices made in the planning process have a critical impact on every subsequent step. We help editors develop an efficient strategy from the outset. Documents Compass enables projects to hit the ground running.

Documents Compass assists projects in locating potential funders and writing grant proposals. We have worked to date with the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and private funders. We will work with projects to locate funding sources specific to their potential.

Documents Compass assists editors in converting legacy content, moving them into the appropriate electronic environment. We help editors shorten the time required for technical development and provide them with a structure that works within existing standards.

Documents Compass maintains contacts and business relationships with vendors for transcription and OCR services.

We offer a web-based content management system (CMS) as one of the preferred options for housing the project’s digital content, workflow, digital scans, and documentation. This is an optimal setup for projects. Its advantages include allowing editors both to share material from anywhere in the world and to search through all of the project’s internally stored materials. Projects can determine access to the material according to their own criteria. All materials are backed up offsite.

Documents Compass provides ongoing database services. We can also take on complete responsibility for the location, scanning, transcription, load to Content Management System, verification, tagging, proofing, indexing, name authority work, and other required data input and processing, leaving the scholarly annotation to the project editors.

Documents Compass will assist editors to develop their project methodology such as transcription procedures and deciding on the tagging they need to reproduce things in a digital way. We can also assist editors with the organization of their digital editions including such things as document selection and annotation.

Documents Compass assists editors in converting legacy content, moving it into the XML environment. We provide projects help in a simplified, understandable, and user-friendly way, relieving editors of the burden of learning the intricacies of XML encoding and/or the cost of hiring a programmer. Documents Compass helps editors shorten the time required for technical development and provides them with a structure that works within existing standards.

Documents Compass provides hands-on training to project editors onsite. We train editors to work with new tools and systems, install software, identify problem areas, and solve digital work flow issues. Our task is to simplify the learning curve for the XML environment. This holds true both for previously published print projects reshaping their materials for electronic publication and for born-digital editions. Documents Compass sees one of its primary goals as helping projects adjust to novel methods and tools. The relatively modest learning curve involved in the adaptation of these methods and tools is a critical investment of time, energy, and resources.

Documents Compass will work with projects to identify and negotiate appropriate publication outcomes, tailored to your needs.

How Does it Work?

Each project is unique, and may require some or all of the services described here. We will prepare a customized proposal to respond to your needs.

Once you are on board, we will spend time at your location, assist you in hiring and training, and work with you and your staff in ongoing contact through email, telephone, and on-site visits until your project is where it needs to be.

What Does it Cost?

Fees vary depending on the size of project and the services provided. We are a non-profit organization so we are able to keep costs low.

It is our goal to provide you with cost-effective services which make your project more affordable overall.

Fees can be paid over time, and annual maintenance may apply to some services. Please contact us for additional information.